When Swiping Right, Was Right

Sometimes you need a little more than the About Us section to really outline any sense of a person or in this case a couple. If you’d prefer the succinct version checking out the About Us piece is fine, but if you want to know how “we” came to be, stick around.

The gay dating scene has never been easy – especially for me. I remember when the first commercial – yes, commercial on television came across the television almost exactly 10 years ago in March 2009, highlighting Grindr. I was at home visiting my parents from college and thought, what an ingenious idea; now I think, what a shit show disaster/hot mess express.

It would take many other online dating sites and apps before I landed my main squeeze. Not to mention a couple relationships and dates I lost count of. When I moved home after graduating college to my hometown (population, 4200) to take on my first restaurant management job on a riverboat casino, my chances of finding love dwindled quite a bit. The only real options were between the closeted Amish guy next door or the closeted redneck plowing his daddy’s field. Oh, the decisions!

I really had to branch out here! I started with the website Gayquation, a personalized gay matchmaking service out of California. They put me through a rigorous telephone questionnaire, from personal questions like, top or bottom, to more general insights like hobbies, and favorite food. Weeks later they finally coupled me up with two guys, one already in a relationship and the other never returned my emails – guess this equation didn’t equal love.

Next up was Match.com, if you don’t pay for the subscription you basically get to see you have messages but aren’t able to read or respond. This goes for the other side too. If you send a message the other person may not be able to read or respond – so a lot of this ended in wasted time and energy.

Now I will say I had Bumble and Tinder throughout and liked the engaging sense that both of them offered through the swipe feature. I did land quite a few dates, and some short-term relationships. These apps are definitely more relationship oriented as long as you are direct and call out what your looking for. Let me reiterate, BE DIRECT! Do not waste your time, set expectations, be honest, post REAL PICTURES, and be relentlessly YOU. I always made the attempt to get out of the app and on the phone as soon as possible. Don’t waste each others time, it’s too valuable.

Ok, off my soapbox. The above strategy worked perfectly when I finally swiped right on the most handsome man, my amazing Daniel. Dan had the exact same mindset as me – numbers were exchanged, he called me immediately and setup a date the next day! The rest is really history, we instantly hit it off and put the dating apps in the grave. Just know that there is hope out there, and keep swiping.

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