Our First Tiny Home Experience

Tiny homes have been trending for a few years now. There are loads of benefits to tiny living including a lower mortgage or no mortgage, a smaller environmental footprint, simpler living, and minimal bills. Dan and I have discussed different home types for ourselves and this category comes up quite often. Before this idea becomes a blueprint we thought it best to experience a tiny home for ourselves.

We booked an Airbnb in Las Vegas as a trial run to see just how practical tiny living can be. Our Airbnb hosts run a tiny home building company and the tiny home they were renting was built by them in their backyard with an excellent view of the Vegas strip.

Prior to arriving at the house we received a two paragraph message from the host informing us how to use the composting toilet. Like holy literal shit, I was already scared to poop; I was scared shitless – pun intended! When we arrived to the 250 square foot home we were immediately impressed with the design and exterior. The home was called “The Blue Baloo.” The home was covered in blue siding complemented by a light wood siding running down the middle.

When we walked through the dark blue door we were greeted with a small seating area and beautiful kitchenette inclusive of a sink and refrigerator. To the left of the fridge was a stackable washer and dryer. At the end of the “hallway” was the bathroom….and the composting toilet. Above the toilet were instructions on how to use the toilet. Open the hatch, do your business, close the hatch, spin the lever 3 times (took some effort), pick up the toilet and twirl it around our head, tap it gently on the side with harry potter’s wand and then spray some water. A little much, but the deed was done (yes we realize you can get a regular toilet in a tiny home).

We dined out for the evening so we didn’t attempt cooking in the tiny kitchen. Next, we tried the shower. The tub was very small, the shower head was low so we had to duck under to use it. A lot of the water splashed out onto the floor, even with the shower head turned inwards – a little inconvenient.

Both bedrooms were in the loft above. A ladder was used to access the loft. Once you reached the top you had to literally crawl to the bed and lay down, no sitting up in the bed due to the low ceilings. I was terrified I was going to wake up in the middle of the night and smash my head into the ceiling. Luckily we woke up without a concussion.

No we could not live in a tiny house, however, we do want to live in a smaller home, maybe between 800-1000 square feet. We just want to live in a house where we can poop in comfort.

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