About Us

We are Matt and Daniel; a travel couple exploring the wonders of our world.

We wanted an outlet to express our best recommendations and explorations when it comes to travel.

We will do our best to fuel your passion for wanderlust through multiple facets, including visual and written storytelling.

Matt – 31 | Indiana, USA

Matt was born and raised in the small town of Cross Plains, IN on a small strawberry farm. Country living helped instill a love of nature which attributes to him being a beekeeper and managing 10+ hives.

He graduated from Indiana University – Indianapolis with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism & Event Management. While in school Matt backpacked through six countries in Europe where his love for travel was ignited. After graduating school he decided to move back to his hometown and build his dream home, a cabin in the woods.

Working as a Restaurant Manager for seven years he decided he needed an improved work-life balance and decided to take on a role in Cincinnati, OH as an Human Resource Business Partner.

Part of Matt’s profession is building relationships and instilling cultural awareness. He enjoys meeting people from every walk of life; all over the world. He truly is a nomad as his dream home is now a full time Airbnb. On the weekends he travels to Louisville, Kentucky to spend time with Daniel, and converts his Cincinnati home to an Airbnb on the weekends.

Daniel – 33 | Kentucky, USA

Daniel was born in a military hospital in Fort Campbell, KY where his dad was stationed as a paratrooper in the United States military.  He was raised all over Kentucky and the southern part of Indiana.  Both of his parents love the outdoors and at a very early age instilled in him similar interests.  His youth was spent hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, and exploring the great outdoors.  His dad taught him many survival skills including, how to navigate, build shelters, start fires, and most importantly; solitude.

Key values were passed along as well, love for one another, kindness, integrity, acceptance, and compassion were instilled in him at a very young age and lead him to his current profession, a Registered Nurse. 

Daniel went to college at Indiana University Southeast and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science and Nursing. He is currently enrolled at Northern Kentucky University focusing on a Master’s in Science and Nursing with the goal of becoming a Psych-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. He is currently employed at University of Louisville hospital in the Emergency Department as trauma nurse. 

His current life echoes his childhood and revolves around service to others, the best man in his life, Matt, and experiencing everything this world has to offer through travel and adventure.