How to Build a Life You Don’t Need to Escape From

We are constantly looking forward to our days off, our next trip, or the weekend.  In fact, in today’s world of social media filled with picture perfect filters and constant travel content; the feeling of escape is well, hard to escape.

What if there wasn’t a need for escape, is it possible to form a life we don’t need a break from?

While I’m absolutely a proponent of vacation and travel, I believe it’s possible to live your best life from home.  Here are 5 ways I’ve begun building a life I don’t need to run from.

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Possessions

This one is big.  How many times have you walked into a cluttered hotel room, or vacation home littered with cluttered counter space or cabinets filled with mismatched coffee cups and dishware?  You haven’t (unless you’ve recently stayed in a 2 star Airbnb).  Removing clutter from your personal life renews a since of freedom.  Contrary to what we are conditioned to believe – more is not better.  More equals more work, more cleaning, more maintenance.  Focusing on less will give you more time to focus on yourself. 

2. Love Yourself

It’s hard to build relationships and love others if we don’t first love ourselves.  Guard your time and your energy.  Don’t let others keep you from yourself.  You don’t have to accept every invitation that comes your way.  Enjoy a book, exercise, eat healthy, and rest.  It’s important to realize this is not a selfish act, but preservation of self. 

3. Do What You Love

Routines are easy to fall into, we all have one.  Ensure you incorporate what you love daily into your life.  This could be a hobby or an activity that sparks joy.  Don’t let your passions be pushed to the side, instead build them into your everyday life.

4. Make Your Job Matter

There is a need in today’s workforce to make a difference, an impact.  I’m here to tell you that any job that requires human interaction has the potential for positive impact.  Leverage your influence, engage and listen to others; your co-workers, clients, and leaders.  Build relationships, offer guidance, and serve others.  Some believe they need to change the world overnight, instead, focus on changing the world you can impact today.

5. Appreciate the Journey

Embrace the pace of your own journey.   Struggle and heartache are unfortunately a part of life.  However, from these experiences one thing is clear.  Pain is a catalyst for growth.  Our biggest life lessons and learning moments usually come from our hardest season.  It may be hard to see the silver lining in the midst of a storm, just remember that all storms pass; and we are left stronger.